E- Pakistani


E-Pakistani .... Linking overseas Pakistani with their own Birth Places through ICTs

A) Vision

Linking the Diaspora of Pakistan ( Overseas Pakistani ) with their own Birth Places for Development in Education & Health through use of latest Technologies (ICTs).

B) Mission

Establish technology based two ways linkages where overseas Pakistanis can provide business opportunities to their own people in Pakistan ( Low tech Jobs ) and in return people in their own Villages / towns help overseas Pakistani by providing them internet enabled services and family support ( Teaching Quran / Education / skills ) to the families of overseas Pakistani.

C) Introduction of the Concept.

1) Due to availability of latest technologies ( ICTs ), this is now possible that two parties living in different parts of the Globe can help each other through mutual exchange of skill sets, business opportunities, services ( like E-health ) and knowledge base ( E-learning ). Technologies have crossed the traditional barriers and bringing people closed for mutual benefits.

2) Due to some recent progress made by Pakistan in development of its infrastructure and providing better investment opportunities for foreigners due to upcoming opportunities ( Pak-China Economic Corridor etc ) there are now clear indicators that Pakistan would progress (IA) very fast in next 3-5 years. 3) Our overseas Pakistani have world class skill sets in versatile field like Education, Health, Agriculture etc and they are physically contributing in development of most advanced countries of the world. They always complaint that they do not find enabling environments in Pakistan for helping their own people in their areas of expertise and also make some investments in scalable business opportunities. Now when Pakistan is about to enter in new era of development and due to availability of latest technologies at both ends, there exist an opportunity where these ' Bridges of mutual benefits ' can be established.

3) There are Plus seven Million overseas Pakistani and some of them are highly skilled and motivated to serve Pakistan under an arrangement where there is ' Win Win situation ' for both Parties. We need to create enabling environments for them to make their hard earned investments for their own benefit which in turn also benefit their own communities in Paakistan

D) Setting up of ‘E-Skill’ Centers

1) Center of Information technology (CIT) Islamabad in coordination with local partner organizations / Community Workers is setting up E-Skills Center in villages / Towns of Pakistan which would work as ' Telecenters ' of the area and provide Job opportunities and technology based services in remote areas.

2) Details about ' E-Skills ' is available separately on Home Page