E- Pakistani

Registration Initiatives

An Initiative to link overseas Pakistani with their own Villages / Towns in Pakistan to help their own people in Education , Health and Agriculture.



The usage and deployment of ICTs assist in creating benefits in all aspects of daily life and entail skilled personnel to employ newly developed ICT applications. ICTs also contribute to sustainable production and consumption patterns, as well as reduce traditional barriers, providing an opportunity for all to access local and global markets in a more equitable manner.The new markets structures have necessitated a new set of skills which assist in the development and use of ICT services. ICT applications are now user-friendly, accessible to all, affordable, adapted to local needs in languages and cultures, and support sustainable development.To this effect, local authorities play a major role in not only the provision of ICT services but also delivering the requisite training to empower professionals to use ICT services for the benefit of their populations. This new usage of ICT Services has made unmatched progress in rural areas and in Pakistan we can make very fast progress and make up the past slow progress. WE must catch up with world progress by implementing "E-Village" in all parts of Pakistan